About Slopeside Technology


The name Slopeside Technology isn’t because our offices are slope-side at Crested Butte.  It started as a joke when Brian was still in the corporate world and working remotely.

Brian worked for 20 years in corporate IT in energy and telecommunication industries in Tulsa, OK.  Corporate IT in Tulsa is very conservative, so when Brian informed his employer he wanted to move, the idea was met with a lot of resistance, but ultimately Brian and his family moved to Crested Butte.  His co-workers and staff would joke with him on conference calls that he had probably just finished skiing and was actually at the resort.  So, Brian started answering work calls as “Slopeside Technology”.

Current Day

Slopeside Technology is now a full-time business for Brian and growing fast.  Slopeside has customers in various industries such as landscaping, science/research, radio, retail, distilling, and childcare.  Every customer has unique needs and requirements and Slopeside has the capabilities to tackle whatever is thrown our way.