How to Install TeamViewer Host

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Install TeamViewer in 10 Easy Steps

In order to allow for remote assistance, we require you to download and install the TeamViewer Host.

Step 1

Please follow this link to download the application.

Run the TeamViewer Application and hit “Yes” to allow the application to make changes to your device.

teamviewer step 0

Step 2

When prompted on the Welcome to TeamViewer screen, hit the next arrow without selecting the “Show advanced settings” box.

teamviewer step 1

Step 3

Select “Both of the above” on the Environment screen and hit next.

teamviewer step 2

Step 4

On the License Agreement screen, please check the “I accept” box and press next.

teamviewer step 3

Step 5

Hit next on the Unattended Acess screen.

teamviewer step 4

Step 6

On the Step 1 of 2 page, please title your computer name with your First and Last name while leaving the password boxes blank.

teamviewer step 5_1

Step 7

On the next page, click the “Skip password” box.

teamviewer step 6

Step 8

On the Step 2 of 2 page, please select the “I don’t want to create a TeamViewer account now” button.

teamviewer step 7

Step 9

On the Completing the wizard page, simply press Finish and disregard the ID # given for now.

teamviwer step 8_1

Step 10

On the final page, please copy  your ID# and password and email it to

Congratulations, you’re all finished and we look forward to working with you!

teamviewer step 9_1